Tiny Little Details

“As you know, we count as blessed those who have persevered.

You have heard of Job’s perseverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about.

The Lord is full of compassion and mercy.”

James 5:11

Do you ever take a step back and look at your life, wondering how in the world you ended up where you are at that moment? Or even began to wonder how you became the person that you are? For example, how did the little girl who was very shy and loved to be at home turn into the social butterfly that I am today? These kind of changes do not just happen over night, but rather, they are a series of things that God puts in our lives to mold and mature us into functioning disciples.

One of my very best friends has an adorable son named Noah, who, over the past eight months, has completely stolen my heart. I have had the privilege of watching him transform from a  non-mobile, non-verbal six month old baby to a full force walking and talking little boy. Day to day, there was no huge transition in his development, but he grew slowly, in a detailed developmental process. Noah did not just go from laying on his stomach to parading around the house on his own two feet in a heartbeat. It all happened in stages. First, he began to push himself up. Next, he would use his legs to scoot forward. And after several weeks of scooting around, Noah was strong enough to crawl. After that, he could pull himself up on his legs and slowly started standing on his own. One second, two seconds, three seconds. And finally he one step, two steps, three steps. He was walking. But it did not just happen. Each step was so full of detail that he could not skip over one, or else Noah would not reach his goal of being able to walk. Before taking his first step, his muscles had to become strong enough to support him. Each fiber of Noah’s body had to learn to work together so that he could begin to walk on his own.

Me and Noah Note: Please ask for permission before sharing this photo in order to protect the people in this image.

Me and Noah
Note: Please ask for permission before sharing this photo in order to protect the people in this image.

In the very first few chapters of Matthew, God illustrates the intricate details of His plan that He had in place since the dawn of sin. Before Jesus was even born, the table was already being set. Joseph was already intending on taking Mary as his wife, but as soon as he heard that she was with child, he planned on leaving her. God, however, had a different plan. Little did Joseph know that he was a key player in God’s master plan because he was apart of the hook that linked Jesus to the line of David, which had long been prophesied to bare the Savior of the world. God sent an angel to Joseph in a dream, explaining that Mary had done no wrong and was carrying the child that He had been promising for thousands of years. If Joseph had left, without his presence as Jesus’ earthly father, the whole basis of Christianity would falter, because it would mean that Jesus did not fulfill that prophecy fully.

In the very next chapter, Jesus is a newborn and Herod has received word of a newborn king in the land. Herod, thinking he could just avoid what God had already set in motion, ordered to have all young boys under the age of two murdered in order to protect his throne. Little did he know, though, that by doing so, he was further defining the perfection of God’s plan rather than stopping it. God sent Mary, Joseph, and Jesus to hide in Egypt until Herod’s death. He then called His Son out of Egypt, as Hosea had prophesied in the Old Testament. Once again, we can see that without this tiny little detail, without this second step, the whole pathway to the cross would be ruined.

There are so many little details in God’s plan for this world and for our everyday lives that we do not see. Most of the time, these little things are so subtle that we do not even pay attention or realize that they are painting a bigger picture for us than we could ever imagine. Every now and then, take a step back and realize that you are where you are and who you are for the daily things that happen to you. It is the small things that turn us into who we really are, just like the tiny details built the bridge for Christ to lead us over the river of life.




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