Everything you Need to Know About Stepping into your Twenties

“I tell you these things so that you may be whole and at peace. In this world you shall have troubles. But take heart! For I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 This past week, I took a giant leap. Last Thursday, on November 13th, I stepped out of my teenage years and into my twenties. Crazy, I know! I remember being a little kid and imagining what I would be like at this age. I thought that by now I would be married, live in a huge house, and have a baby on the way. It’s safe to say that I was off with my prediction by a long shot, considering that I am happily single, living in a 14×17 dorm room, and studying to become a teacher to kids that are not mine. I was a whole lot more nostalgic about leaving behind my teen years than I thought I would be. In all honesty, there is so much that I will miss about being a teenager, not because of the youth that comes with it, but because of the life that filled my years. From age 13 to 19, a great deal of things happened. I started playing volleyball, discovered the Jonas Brothers, went to my first concert, and suffered a back injury that took me out of sports but led me into a life full of music. I learned to play guitar, sing, bought a banjo, saw NEEDTOBREATHE in concert 5 times(and counting), had my first sips of alcohol. I fell in love with many things, a boy not ever being one of them. I graduated high school, moved out, traveled all over the States, became best friends with my family, got tattoos, shaved the side of my head, and many other life altering things. But the most important thing that happened to me during my teenage youth was that I was adopted by my Heavenly Father above. I became a child of God. As you can see, or read, I had a lot to let go of during this transition in my life; a lot of good and bad to look back on. At first, I was terrified to grow up. As much as I long to one day settle down and have a family of my own, sometimes I think that it would be nice if the moments lasted just a second longer. Regardless of our desire to hold on to these precious moments, it is our duty and responsibility to not survive in the past, but rather to bring our past with us into our future. Over the past four days of being 20, I have been practicing just that and with a loving Savior, I know that it is possible to overcome the fear of growing up. In fact, I have already began to reap from the benefits of surrendering myself to Him and allowing myself to dwell in the moment as a twenty year old and so far, this is how this new decade is treating me: 1. People automatically respect you more. Because you are no longer under the stereotype of being an irresponsible teen, people are more likely to positively respond to you when you tell them your age. 2. You won’t have wrinkles or any other signs of aging. Don’t worry, you won’t turn into a little old person over night. In fact, you probably still look like your 19 year old self. 3. Your friend group will be better. With age comes maturity, and the more mature you become, the more mature people you will attract. During this time of growing up, the young people around you will be growing up as well and it will be easier to find the ones who are worth your time without having to deal with as much drama. But, keep in mind that people are still people and you will not get along with everyone at all times. 4. It is still okay to binge watch Disney movies. It’s always okay. In fact, it is kind of necessary. 5. More doors will open than ones that will close. During this time, you will start to realize all of the different paths you could take in life. Take the time you need to think about where God is leading you because this is the only time in your life when you’ll have plenty of time to figure out what you want to do. 6. It is absolutely okay to be selfish at times. Take risks for you. Find what is right for you. Break someone’s heart if they’re not benefitting you. Work hard for you. This is your life; your time. Go out there and own it. 7. No matter how old you are, you are still a little kid to your parents. They’ve been there since day one, experienced all of your firsts, seen you at your highs and lows, and push you towards a future. Even if you move to the other side of the world, your parents still see you as their child. To them, there is nothing sweeter then hearing the voices of their children on the other end of the phone, even if it is just for a moment or to say a quick “I love you.” You can never call your mom or dad too often. 8. God is nowhere near finished with you. He has actually just started. At this point in your life, you could be years, months, or days into your journey of faith. Or you may not even believe in God at all. But no matter where you are with Him, he is constantly pursuing you. And He will not stop working in you until He calls you home. Each day, God is growing me into the woman that He has called me to be. I honestly have no idea what He has called me to do in this life, but the idea of not knowing has begun to excite me. Just the fact that I could tour the world playing music or live in the inner city teaching under privileged children keeps me on my toes. At any moment, God could throw me a curve ball and direct me down a path that is totally unexpected. My teen years were great; I wouldn’t trade the time I had with the ones I love for anything in the world. But it is time for me to take all the lessons I’ve learned, passions I’ve discovered, and the gifts that God has given me and move forward with God. Here’s to the next decade of life. May it be the best one yet!


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